Managing an entertainment industry business is challenging. You must be updated with latest market trends while finding businesses and organizing talent/services for clients' events, all at the same time.

Curatalent has born to supercharge your business. With our system, you can find businesses as well as the best talents/services for each event request immediately and keep track of the entire business process from an initial meeting to a finished project.

We use cutting edge technology to streamline the event management process. Our platform allows you to manage your entertainment industry businesses, communicate with your team, and facilitate collaboration between all involved.

Curatalent platform offers you,

  • Find talents and services you need for your projects.
  • Intelligent booking management, change and cancel bookings
  • Smart appointment management
  • Event planning tools including budget and bookings
  • Event agenda planning
  • Maintain a pool of talents and service providers
  • Directly working with talents/services on bookings and appointments
  • Booking message boards and event message boards for collaborative planning
  • Free agency subscription

We are adding more tools to make your business more easier and streamlined process.

Curatalent is for everyone

Are you here looking for your favorite artist or music band to hire into your next party or event?

Welcome aboard!
You may search all talents and services in your area.  Find your artist or service.
If you can’t find them,  Share this on social media and tag him/her/them to invite into your next party. It is a favor for them as well as you could be their favorite fan!
Meanwhile, you may plan your event and find services for your party.

Are you a singer, dancer, comedian, DJ, photographer, beautician…. (see full list here) or  activity planner or outdoor activity guide ?

We warmly welcome you to the platform!
Signup, create your talent profile, subscribe for your category free!  Curatalent is a place where the best and sometimes the most unexpected things in life take place.

Are you an event related business owner,  Such as food supplier, beauty salon, venue decoration, sound and light equipment renting, cleaning service… (see full list here) ?

Welcome to platform! Signup and create your business page, subscribe for your category  free.
We are here for giving the best social exposure to your business and boosting your exposure in a way that guarantees success in your industry. We will not allow you to waste time doing things that don't work in this digital age.

Do you have a outdoor garden, swimming pool , beach garden, auditorium or reception hall to short term rent for events?

Welcome aboard!
We were looking for you. Signup, choose the venue category for your property. Post cool pictures on your business page. We’ll take care of the rest. You just have to sit back and see how we bring businesses to your property.

Are you an agency doing business in entertainment industry?

Welcome to platform!
We have special tools designed and build for boost your business.  You may find clients while hiring talents and services, planning events and many more.
Signup and create your agency page. Curatalent's platform will help agencies and  event planners to find and connect with talents and services more easily, facilitating the exchange of value among different stakeholders.

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