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Find Talents and Services
Find Talents & Services
Just one place to look for whatever you need when planning your next event. No more hunting through websites, emailing or phoning around. Get everything in one place. We make it easy!
Event Service Marketplace
Event Service Marketplace
We help you market your talents and services all in one place. You focus on what you do best, and leave the admin to us.
Event & Booking Management
Event & Booking Management
Our events management tool will assist you with all your booking, budget as well as any advice you might need along the way.


You are good at something, but you can’t get noticed by event organizer? No more hand out your business card to everyone you meet or email everyone who may need your skills.

Our all in one platform take away the stress. We give you exposure to huge crowd of event organizers that are looking for someone like you. You can market yourself directly on our platform and take advantage of this opportunity.


Today’s market is more competitive than ever, so you need to be one step ahead. Finding businesses and right talent at the same time is more stressful.

Network with the right professionals who are all in one place. Meet event managers, event planners, exhibitors, or creative talents for your next project to solve your problems effectively. You can offer your service and manage your company and contacts through one simple platform.


Finding the right balance of talent to rock your event? It’s time consuming when you have to plan an event alone. Your event needs careful planning-balancing the right number of talents, the décor, the beverages, the music and more...

Our solution makes it a whole lot easier. Find all your service providers under one roof-from the venue to the decorator and even entertainment all at one place. Thus avoiding dealing with multiple emails, phone calls and spreadsheets. Our software does all the hard work for you.

If you are still hesitating, take a look at our FAQ section.


Plan your event with organizing it step by step, defined budget and automated communication with service providers.

Our platform connects you with musicians, photographer, planners and many more services, so you can book your vendors and plan your event with ease! With its integrated feature Curatalent helps cut down on the time and energy spent organizing events, so you have more to focus on.

When your guests turn up on the day or night, they’ll discover a party venue with everything they need to rock out all night long.


What is Curatalent?
Curatalent is an online platform that offers a wide range of project management tools for businesses and individuals in the events & entertainment industry, including talent marketing, event management, booking, appointment scheduling and message boards.
Who can use it?
Curatalent is open for everyone.
If you are planning a birthday party, wedding or big cooperate event, we have simplified your works.
If you are an artist, performer, speaker, music band, dancing group, venue provider, decorator, beauty salon… You are most welcome to our platform.  See all talent and service categories.
How it works for talents/service providers?
Curatalent is a hub for entertainment industry professionals and service providers to create their profile and connect with people looking to book them. We put Talents in the center, giving them the best possible way to promote themselves. Our smart booking and appointment management tools will take care of hard works while you focus on what you do the best.
How it works for agencies?
Finding, hiring, and retaining the best talent is costly. Dedicated teams are needed to manage the process. Curatalent is a powerful, all-in-one solution that does away with the hassle of trying to sync with multiple systems. Finding businesses, gathering talent and vendors in one place. Significantly reducing your time spent on non-event related activities, allowing you to focus more on your core strength.
How it works for event organizers?
Trying to manage and book venues and performers has always been a nightmare. From communicating with talent, to dealing with their managers and agents. We make it painless for you to find the best talent out there for your event.
Our platform streamlines the entire event talent hiring process so you can find, negotiate and book entertainment and services with just a few clicks in a seamless and stress-free way.
How to book a talent or service provider?
Start searching talents and services here.
You may search or browse through categories to find best talents for your budget in your area. Pick the time and date you want to book. Send a booking request. They’ll get in touch with you to make arrangements. Its simpler than a piece of cake.
How to plan an event?
Create an account or login to your Curatalent account. Go to your dashboard, create an event. When you select the type of your event, we’ll give you some suggestions and recommendations regarding choosing right balance of talents/services. You may make booking for your preferred talents and venders. You can negotiate and manage all your bookings, expenses, and arrangements from our event management platform.
As a talent, how can I work with an agency?
If you are interested to work with an agency as a talent or service provider, you may contact the agency through Curatalent messaging board.
Agency will send you a request to join with them. When you accept the request, Agency will be able to work with you on our all-in-one platform. Direct booking, appointment sharing, event discussion and many more tools available.
Can I hire an agency to plan my event?
Of course, That’s what agencies do.
Find an agency by search or browse through categories. Pick a package they offer and make a booking. They’ll get in touch with you to make arrangements.
How much will it cost?
Just create an account and start planning your next event free.
Agencies, talents, and services can also join with free of charge. Additional features and tools available on subscription basis.

See complete price list for talent/business categories.


Curatalent is an exclusive network where people who organize events can connect with the best emerging talents worldwide. We're thrilled to present you our platform designed as a two-way tool for curating and discovering new talent as well as connecting organizers with performers and creators from different artistic fields.

You could be a popular artist, recognized business brand, raising star or startup business. Maybe you are a sessional event planner, or you are organizing your promotion party at the first time. Curatalent platform leveraging technology to simplify the process of marketing talents to connects with the event organizers seeking them out.

Curatalent is a marketplace for artists and creatives to meet the global demand for creative talents. Our proprietary technology finds them work. It’ll enable organizers of events and trade shows to find professional creatives quickly and efficiently.

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